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      1. Open Microsoft Excel
      2. Click on FILE
      3. Click on OPEN
      4. Find the .txt file you wish to convert by locating the correct source in Look in: and by changing the Files of type: to Text Files (*.prn; *.txt;*.csv) double click on the file so that it opens to the Text Import Wizard Step 1 of 3
      5. Move the dot to Delimited and click on Next.
      6. Text Import Wizard Step 2 of 3. In Delimiters remove the tick in Tab and replace it in Comma, then click Next.
      7. Text Import Wizard Step 3 of 3. Leave this unchanged and click on Finish.
      8. You will now be back to Excel.
      9. Click on Save As.
      10. Select Save as type CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv) and name the file as you require, then click on Save.
      11. When a pop up box appears saying, the file contains features that are not compatible click on yes to return to your file.
      12. You are done. Congratulations. You can now use the .csv file.

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